PeaceNote's clientele definitely take advantage of the skills and connections of having an attorney in their corner.  While PeaceNote does not provide legal services PeaceNote is a full service venue for artists, and clients will definitely reap the benefits the prime negotiation tactics that PeaceNote carries. 

  • Talent Counseling/Artist Development
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Dressing Room Riders

PeaceNote prides itself on its strong publicity skills. As an aspiring artist, you may not have the time to spread the word about your music and create the buzz that your music deserves. From gaining that endorsement deal to making a live television appearance, PeaceNote makes sure that the artist is publicized ensuring proper exposure catered to the artists' specific needs. 

  • Website Planning/Production
  • Event Planning
  • Appearances
  • Sponsorship



PeaceNote is a one-stop full-service venue for musicians and artists to kickstart their career. From production coordination in the studio, booking a tour or show, or production management on tour, PeaceNote serves all needs. 

Take advantage of PeaceNote's amazing connections. Whether you're looking just to connect with another artist and need someone to scout your sound, PeaceNote offers consultations to find out your exact needs.  

  • Music Coaching/Consulting
  • Talent Booking/Planning/Budgeting
  • Production Management
  • Studio Production/Coordination